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Hi friends! It's Jordan from here again to talk to you about how we style our ZoZu products. We all know ZoZu Baby is one of my absolute favorite bow brands and one of the reasons I love it so much is because it's not JUST a bow shop. In fact, some of our favorite items from ZoZu Baby are the knee socks, the tights, and the scrunchies! I'd love to share a few of the ways we style our ZoZu! -Knee socks are one of my favorite accessories on little girls! I love how they look with everything from cute, preppy maryjanes to funky booties! 2018-11-13_0001 -Zozu Baby Tights are such good quality! I love the cute colors and the ribbing! In the winter both of my girls wear tights almost daily (because they are not a fan of pants). Quinlin wears white or navy tights with her uniform and Cub wears All. The. Colors! Again, I love that tights can be worn with anything! Q wears hers with her plaid uniform & saddle shoes, and Cub wears hers with everything from skirts and rain boots to cute jumpers and t-straps! 2018-11-13_0002 -Zozu bows are a staple in our house. I'm a big fan of the Voyager Style because my girls wear their hair up a lot and I think the voyager style works best on the top of their heads to accent pigtails (unless we have a pigtail set to wear!), buns, or a ponytail! When I style their hair down, I love the look of the Pioneer style bow clipped over to the side- but of course we wear all the styles all the ways! If you're just starting a bow collection my best advice is to start with 10 bows: get 5 solid colors and 5 patterns- then build from there. Stripes, polka-dots, plaids, and bold florals are always my favorite patterns for building a collection. Once you have your basics, you can add fun prints for holidays or special occasions! 2018-11-13_0003 -Let's talk scrunchies! I personally love to use Zozu scrunchies as a way to dress up my messy mom bun! For my girls, my favorite way to style the scrunchies is over the girls buns for ballet class! They are seriously the perfect little accent! The velvet scrunchies are so gorgeous but I think the pioneer scrunchies are my absolute favorite!2018-11-14_0002 -Headbands are Zozu Baby's latest venture and they are pretty darn adorable! When we are having a rushed morning, my favorite thing to do is to run a brush through the girls' hair and slap on a bow headband. OR...also perfect for when their hair desperately needs to be washed so you throw it up in a simple pony tail. Nothing says "This was totally the look I was going for" like a big old adorable headband to polish the look! Amiright? 2018-11-14_0001 -Bowties...for all the little men in your lives!! I can wait to style my three kiddos in their matching Zozu bows, headbands, and bowties this Christmas! This is my current favorite sibling set:2018-11-13_0008 -The "Extras" are a little hidden ZoZu gem! Click on this category next time you are shopping and you'll find two of my secret favs: the hair ties (so good for pony tail days...or messy bun days!) and the alligator clips! I always buy a few extra alligator clips...want to know why? Because when a bow I really want is sold out, I buy it in the nylon headband version (usually available), cut off the nylon when it arrives and slip in one of my extra alligator clips. Voilรก...the "sold out bow" you wanted! Shoot...did I just give away my best bow-buying secret?!2018-11-13_0007 Bascially, I adore the WHOLE ZoZu collection and depend on each and every item when styling my girls every day! What's your favorite way to style Zozu? IMG_6939 LoveJordan
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