Love for Scrunchies

What started as a fun idea quickly turned in to a masterpiece.  Back in May, I reached out to my talented seamstresses and told them I wanted to add scrunchies to the ZoZu Family.  I asked them to participate in the design process.  I received a handful of samples and our Pioneer and Explorer scrunchies were born!  We knew right away that we wanted them to be floppy and trendy and I think we totally nailed it!  
The best part of the scrunchies is that they make a great mom and little item!  Dress up a mess topknot, or simply wear it on your wrist.  The options are all there!  Personally I love the tails of our pioneer bow to flop over top of my daughter's bun; however, they look adorable draped down the back!  
Be sure you share with us where you wear your knew ZoZu!
Sandy Zucker

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