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While most kiddos have already had their first week back at school, we are still on summer break!  The joys of having a child in pre-school means a little bit more one on one time with them.  But our time together is quickly coming to an end and I need to start refreshing our closest to accommodate cooler weather which is approaching.  
Here at ZoZu Baby we always have a standing line of "Basics."  Our basic collection features the standard bows that you can have ready year round.  Pinks, Whites, Greys and Blacks are always available and the perfect pairing for any outfit. 
For this set of basics we turned to good 'ol Old Navy.  Every piece, aside from the bows can be found in their new fall line up.  These clothes are offer the cuteness but durability needed to survive a day in pre-school. What's your go to piece for an adventurous tot?
Sandy Zucker

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